How do I search for a rental property?

The first step to securing a new rental home would be to identify your individual needs and requirements. Are you looking for a house, townhouse or an apartment? How many bedrooms do you need? Does the property need to be pet friendly? What is your estimated budget?Most of the above refinements can be filtered for selection when searching through the ‘Looking for a home’ tab above. Once you have found a property you like, simply contact us via phone or email to book in a suitable time to inspect the premises.

How do I apply for a rental property?

Should you inspect a property and decide that it suits your needs, the next step would be submitting a rental application. You can apply online or download the application form on this website. We also welcome online applications such as 1Form and TRA. Please make sure that each adult that wishes to be named on the tenancy agreement as a registered tenant supplies his/her application. Children and dependents, such as a stay-at-home partner or a dependent parent, only need to supply their ID. In order to process your application quickly and smoothly, we would need 100 points of ID from each applicant as well as proof of income; please refer to our application for further details. We would generally require proof that your household’s combined weekly income equals or exceeds 3x the weekly rent amount. Once your application has been processed by us and approved by the owner, we will notify you and send you the tenancy agreement for signing. You will then be asked to pay the bond and first two weeks of rent in order to secure the property. 

How do I report maintenance issues and request repairs?

Before you report maintenance issues to your Property Manager, it is always a good idea to go through some simple troubleshooting techniques, such as looking for a tripped power switch or an empty gas bottle etc. The next step would be to gather relevant information and to take some clear photographs in order to assist your Property Manager in resolving your request as smoothly and quickly as possible. It is preferable to send maintenance requests by email or using our online maintenance form. Nevertheless, in case of any urgent maintenance issues such as flood, fire, security & safety matters, please always feel free to call us anytime.

How do I notify you that I wish to move out?

Our policy is to contact you prior to your lease expiry date to see if you would be looking to renew your lease. If you are planning to move out, please feel free to notify us and we will send you the relevant forms and instructions. If you need to vacate the property before your lease expires, it would be viewed as a ‘break lease’ situation, and relevant conditions apply. In instances of a break lease, you would be liable to cover the re-letting of 1 week rent + GST, as well as be required to continue paying your rent (until a replacement tenant/s moves in or until your lease ending date, whichever happens sooner).

Do I need to sign and return the condition report?

Generally speaking, you are not legally obligated to sign and return the condition report. However, failing to do so means that you agree with the version of the condition report originally provided by your Property Manager. We encourage you to take your time to go through the property and note any pre-existing damage or wear & tear, and return the signed condition report along with photographs taken (if any). You can return the report via email, fax or in person within the applicable time frame.

What if the property I’m renting gets sold during the tenancy?

Even if the property is sold, you are still within your rights to continue renting at least until the end of your fixed-term tenancy. After that, it would be up to the new owner to agree to a lease renewal or not. If your lease is periodic, the new owner would be within his/her rights to give you sufficient notice as per fair trading regulation.

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Vacate notice

If you plan to vacate your property at the end of your lease, please fill out the following to request a Form 13 – ‘Notice of Intention to Leave’ from us. We will then email you a form for you to sign within 1-2 business days.

Please note: With a Notice of intention to leave without grounds, you can only vacate the property on or later than your fixed-term lease ending date. If you wish to vacate the premises before your lease expires, please contact us to discuss the break lease process (in a break lease situation, tenant is liable to cover the re-letting fee of 1 week rent + GST and also continue paying the rent until the new tenant moves in or until the lease ending date whichever happens sooner).

Maintenance Request

We understand that there will be maintenance issues that periodically appear in your home. For a convenient, hassle-free process; please fill out the maintenance request below: