While Managing Your

When enjoying Cheers experience, you will receive our premium property managment
service and we will treat you your home as if it were our own

Coordinate and monitor all rent collection
Prevent rent arrears occuring
Communicate with tenants about requests and complaints
Facilitate flexible rent disbursement
Provide tax invoices with all rental informations
Conduct quartely inspections and reports
Ensure tenants maintain your property to standard condition
Reslve any breaches where applicable

When The Tenant Vacates Your

  • Issue and collect the notice to leave
  • Conduct very thorough Exit Condition Reports
  • Withhold bond until required repairs have been perfomed
  • Collect and sign off all client’s keys
  • Ensure excellent property presentation for the next tenant


Why Do I Need A Property Manager?

It is possible to manage a rental property yourself. However, property management is a time consuming activity –– duties vary from collecting on-time rent, arranging property maintenance and knowing how to choose the best tenants. Most owners do find that it is worth hiring a professional to take care of all these elements on their behalf. Here at Cheers Realty, we provide property owners/investors with ultimate peace-of-mind. You will benefit from our immaculate reputation in attracting the right tenants. Plus, the undivided attention of our property managers affords an unprecedented level of service delivery ie. your property is maintained to an optimal standard

How Do I Switch To Cheers Realty If My Property Is Currently Being Managed By Another Agent?

It’s easy to make a switch for the better! Complete our transfer of property management form to make a move to Cheers Realty. From there, we will arrange the transfer of your property management rights to our company. We will even contact your property manager for you and make ‘breaking-up’ with your current agent a completely painless process! 

How long does it usually take to find a tenant?

Naturally, most property owners/investors are eager to find tenants so they can receive their rent payments as promptly as possible. At Cheers Realty, we expedite the process –– by doing this a little differently! We utilise many advertising mediums and tailor our ad copy to suit your specific property. Additionally, we appeal to multiple networks of prospective tenants (using targeted audience demographics) to find the most suitable tenant/s for your property.

How will I know what my property will rent for?

At Cheers Realty, we believe results speak for themself. We’ve got a strong track record of leasing properties out quickly, with suitable tenants and a high rental return. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough area report and a current rental demand assessment. We supply this to you with our recommendations. It is all about you and your investment. Therefore, we will only proceed when you are 100% satisfied.

What happens if my tenant does not pay the rent?

One of our primary tasks is to ensure that your tenant pays their rent on time. This is why we have systems in place to monitor any likelihood of arrears. Should this happen (irrespective of our alert system), we will contact the tenant via telephone, email and/or SMS. If the rent continues to be unpaid we will send the tenant with a notice of breach. If rent is not received after 14 days, we will issue a Termination Notice on the 15th day, giving them 14 days to vacate the property. This will all be done with your consent, and we will keep in touch with you throughout the process. Minimising your loss is our priority at all times, and all these actions will be carried out promptly and efficiently to protect your investment.

You’re already with us ?

Imagine having the status of your investment property available on your fingertips. We have recently introduced a new online owner portal. Our clients can now view their current financial statements and copies of bills and invoices, download any scanned documents , for instance, lease agreement, entry condition report, view various photos and much more. You will be able to view analysis graphs and monitor the expenses as well.


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