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Do you like what you've read so far? When you are with CHEERS, stress-free property management won't just be a myth; we guarantee that we will look after your property as if it was our own. Not only do we understand the importance of communication, we also have the experience to handle all sorts of situations; from corporate rentals, private housing to shared accommodation, we guarantee that we will provide the best property management services. You can rest assured that at CHEERS, we are not out to just close a case; we are dedicated to delivering the best property management services possible, we guarantee that you will have a full time team of innovative and dedicated property managers looking after your property at all times!

If you'd like to experience the CHEERS difference then switch now by filling in the below questionnaire or downloading the following Transfer of Property Management Form and return the form back to us:

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Imagine having the status of your investment property available on your fingertips. We have recently introduced a new online owner portal. Our clients can now view their current financial statements and copies of bills and invoices, download any scanned documents , for instance, lease agreement, entry condition report, view various photos and much more. You will be able to view analysis graphs and monitor the expenses as well.


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