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Thanks a million for your whole team’s great help! Special thanks to Danny and You! 100% satisfied!
Christy Liu, Sunnybank

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Our Happy Clients will always be our motivation to work harder!


1. No hidden costs!

You don't like hidden costs and neither do we. Unfortunately with some property managers they just keep popping up. You know the ones... $$$ postage, admin, lease renewals, petty fees...etc.

Your investment fees with us are clear and easy to understand: you are charged competitive management fees and one week rent as letting fee. That's it. No surprises.

All management services are inclusive: signage, internet advertising, professional photos for advertising, photos with entry condition... all at no extra charge.


2. We Advertise in More Places – To Find  You a Suitable Tenant and the Highest Rent Possible
As well as advertising with, we actively promote your property with universities, immigration agencies, and community websites. By exploring more avenues to promote your property we help ensure you achieve the highest rent and find the most suitable tenant.


3. We Find Ways to Save you $$$
Our philosophy is simple: We take care of your property like we take care of our own. As part of our service, we are always looking for ways to help you save you money. We have nothing to gain from getting you to spend money needlessly; we will only invest in what is necessary. The responsibility of making your rental property as profitable as possible is something we do not take lightly.


4. Maintenance Made Simple (Cost-Effective Solutions only when you need it)
Having serviced Queensland for a number of years we have established an excellent database of reliable plumbers, electricians, handymen, and other professionals that are reliable and deliver their services at a fair price.

To save you the time and hassle, we will organize all property maintenance for you. WE will also never take any fees for this service from wither the professionals, or from you. Plus, any repair or maintenance recommendations are always checked with you first.


5. A Friendly Property Manager is at Your Service – Always!  
With a Cheers Property Manager, you will always be up to date. As well as being proactive with our communication to you, we also make sure you always have access to us and we respond promptly to any query. Even if your Cheers property manager takes annual leave we don't stop working for you. An experience member of our property management team will step up to ensure that your property is managed and you always have someone to talk to.



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